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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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in administration and being tasked what getting things done and maneuvering through the san francisco policies. so to talk about the future of san francisco from the mayors prospective and the city's prospective in relationship to continue to build our economy i want to introduce the mayor of the great city and county of san francisco. mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you. thank you for that introduction and good morning, everyone. i know you've gotten a lot of statistics their not only interesting and accurate but very guiding for what we need to do. thank you greg costco and bob and all of the members of san
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francisco chamber of commerce for extending this invitation and it's great to see a lot of the officials and the department heads to make sure and insure our cities skews. before i get started i want to take another moment to acknowledge and thank the men and women who over the past several weeks fought california's third largest wildfire the rim fire up in yosemite. and among those fighters the fire was our san francisco firefighters who stood alongside other fire department's across the country navigate over 5 thousand people fighting the fire. and, of course, the staff and crews of the public utilities commission helped and that
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helped and water industry. i'm proud of their work and while we're grateful everyday for our first responders who risk their lives to protect and serve and for our police officers and firefighters who lost their lives years ago it's important we reflect on that. and certainly for our city. we've had our own including the rim fire the police and, of course, the fire department were there the first responders on a crash that will stick with me. we're living in an extraordinary city and you can is new year it
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that a lot of our residents are back to work. when we took office on january lifting our unemployment rates was 9 and a half percent today's it's 5.5 percent. this streamer important year our city netted over thirty thousand additional jobs and think about what the professor said about the multipleer effects. it's not just one industry we're seeing board based job growth at every sector off our city is growing and beating the industry. we're successful because we've created the conditions that give the investors and enterprise in our city to innovative and grow and create jobs whether or not their neighborhood or small
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business owner or international firms or other companies. well, here's a new stat. since 2011, 2023.6 million secret of office space - 23.6 million square feet that's 34 trans america pyramids put together. while we're licking lucky it's not all luck. navigate over the last 2 1/2 years we built the infrastructure of our city. where did we do that? let's see we worked together to create enlightenment for jobs and attracting businesses and making
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the san francisco the innovation capita of the world. we worked together to build homes by providing verifies with the conversation treating e creating a housing trust fund and a working with our zoning and planning department and rezoning aspects of our city and creating a fund for permanent housing and we can be insure we don't have poverty housing. we want all san franciscans that be living side to side. we're working together to support our young people through our summer job program by investing in 0 our skuldz and making historic investment in our budget for the san francisco unified school district. we've worked together to
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strengthen our neighborhoods through our innovates that's focused on 25 commercial districts throughout the city providing loans and phil vacancies and retaining the strength in the local business. we've worked hard to reenvision our waterfront with mixed seawall lots and 4 pier and, of course, we'll welcome in the gotten state warriors back home thanks for itself leadership of folks working with argue port and a city planners. a derelict pier will be transformed that will bring thousands of people out to enjoy our waterfront. we worked to get with our
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community. we created the transit city plan that incorporates gov. both businesses and neighborhood for places to work with open shops and more and the development community has imbraced that with 5 office buildings adjacent to the transit center. we've worked together i get the theme now? to fund roads and parks and libs and asking san francisco voters to invest they're hard earned dollars to build infrastructure to help families skewed. we've worked together to make san francisco the gateway to china and beyond. through china that sf it's a partnership for economic
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development we've attracted 2090 imply companies to 90 san francisco and we're setting our sites on latin listen to this latino sf. we've worked together to rebuild our 70 san with 5 hospitals, of course, our san francisco gunmen e general i'll be asking you for more help with furniture. of course, c pmc chinese hospital and uc san francisco. we've worked together to fix our that deficit with reform and 5 years planning all of which has maintained our strong bond rating and this summer we're
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going to tangle our health care obligation. well, it's bogging because of our layers focus on the infrastructure of our economy that that has allowed us to become the faster growing state not new york or los angeles but we cannot have done that without the san francisco chamber of commerce and without our business community that has vifrtd in our city in helping me create those jobs everyday. so, now this is not the time to rest in our success. i think it's time that we double down on our success by focusing and tackling with more vigor and more resolve by looking over that horizon to see what else we
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should be doing. this is not a buckle ladies and gentlemen. that first city college we're going to save city he college period no, ifs or maybe so it's too important to give up open our students or training of our workforce in the future. it's the fit and second the affordable care act is important. we're focused in marking our residents and encouraging resident to purchase affordable insurance via the california marketplace but we need to provide guidance to our local businesses how it integrates namely the health care security
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ordinance. this is a complicated policy issue that's why i've ask you to serve on our council with barbara garcia and many others. we'll lead a data process so we can make informed policy positions and file the gaps of everyone so we can all be covered. we're san francisco we're going to be a model for that prelims. i want to close with a few thoughts. people as me it is good economy going to continue? how are we going to extend the prosperity that so many of our enterprise part of the answer is the everyday decision by each of you
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to keep investing 90 in our city. yes investing in businesses and start up and innovative ideas but investing in our young people, our schools and community and neighborhood organizations. san francisco is the greatest city in the world not just because of our bay and at all beautiful buildings but our human talent we know is at the heart of our success. so i ask you help us save city college and help us rebilled and reimage our bettered education for our children. help us higher young people making our neighborhoods safer and stronger. i ask you to get involved and volunteer and i ask you to help
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with more resources to be able to do this. that's how we're going to be able to sustain this economic recovery and extend our prosperity we'll be able to continue to build the infrastructure structure for our city today and tomorrow. thank you very muchout.
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>> hi, i'm japanese with the san francisco public utilities combination sometime people call me sewer girl our systems has served the area for 1 hundred and 50 years we're planning you understand public health and our environment don't think that so come in down and see how
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>> good afternoon, i'm lawrence kornfield. welcome to our brown bag lunch.
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the fire department as a lot to do with fire escapes in san francisco. we have tens of thousands of fire escapes in san francisco. it's sort of like utility wires, until you start looking for them. you don't even see them. today we're going to look at them and for them and talk a little bit about what they are there for and how they should be maintained. what our standards are. so we are right here in front of building services office at 1660 mission street. we have one of many buildings served by fire escapes. they are typically used when there's a required means of existing or egressfrom the building. this building has a main stairway and all these fire
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escapes. i don't know about the backside. it probably has more exits that would be typically required to have. >> typically fire escapes are the second. the first is for existing buildings. my guess is the building has been broken up. that's why they add more than one fire escape. >> and in fact one of basis of the building code is to get people how the. how do you get people out safely? >> right and the cold always says, if one is blocked there should be another one in 99 percent of buildings >> and there are limitations on how you exit. you can't exit from one tenant space to another if that space is locked.
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that's why we have extra fire escapes on this building. let's look up at these fire escapes for a second. the fire escapes have a few specific elements. and we'll talk in detail about what they are. they include a way out on top fire escape balcony. the fire escape balconies. the ladder from the lowest balcony to the ground and a way to get on to the roof. i think those are the main elements of the fire escape. >> yeah. >> okay. and we're going to look at a bunch of different ones. this is a good example across the street. so first of all, how do you get out on to the fire escape? you can't have to climb out on a little window. we can see there are large,
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openable window pain doors, >> they did allow them to climb out windows and those are grandfathered in. >> as bill mentioned, there's an important part of the codes, they are not retroactive. you had to bring them up to today's standards. it's allowed to be maintained in the original construction. that's one of reasons we have old fire escapes. they are not required to be upgraded. >> if this was built today, a fire escape would not be allowed.
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they do not meet the second means of egresscode. >> but in all the existing ones like this one, you have to maintain them and keep a second means. according to the codes the building was built under. we are allowed to have fire escapes in existing buildings to provide a new exist from a historic building. it specifically allows fire escapes. we are allowed to have fire escapes for new exits. it's under some circumstances >> right. r3. one and 2 family homes. even new ones, which is not under the jurisdiction of the fire department. we will allow new buildings to have fire escapes if they can show reasonable standard for why they cannot put in a
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conforming stair sway. fire escapes are essentially providing a legal second stairway. it's not quite a second stairway. that's 60 to 70 degrees. the fire department does to the agree and the more hazardous. >> if it was built, we allow you to maintain them. >> speaking of maintenance. we will get to maintenance later. we have people that do fire escape maintenance. going back to talking about the elements, we have access to the fire escape and then we have a fire escape balcony, they need a balcony to get access.
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you don't climb out directly on to a ladder. for one and 2 family dwellings, but there are very few of them. we had an exception under there for no balconies. they are almost always required >> jomes are not allowed. they are pole ladders and they open up into a vertical ladder, their product lists doesn't require a balcony. we made a decision that is not even close to provide equivalency to a stairway. how many people. >> yeah, we have a question over here >> what year was this law
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changes and fire escapes required >> the question was, at who point was the regulations change from allowing fire escapes to second stairs? >> that would be under the fire departments jurisdiction. >> it was actually within the last 10 to 15 years. i started 12 or 11 years ago and there was improvement plans with fire escapes. it came from the state. state farm was the one that came out and said, no no ones. >> yeah. so it's pretty recent. i can remember. i'm not that old. >> you're not. you are a young guy. so we have balconies, i handed out to you a whole set of technical standards. we will not go through that
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unless you have questions. if you are watching this and you want a copy, call us, our number is 558-6025. we have the ladders that connect to the next balcony, those are regulated under the local, administrative bulletins and there's retroactive provisions in the state building code about how they have to be. >> the angle and width. i believe that's all covered in the handout. >> typically san francisco fire escapes and we will see, had angles of somewhere between 60 and 72-degree ladders. i can't from this angle tell what that is. the state has made it clean that 60 degrees is what they consider to be the maximum safe
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angle. most of the existing ones are steeper, up to 72 degrees. and these hand rails and they step down on to a landing and you walk around and go down. at the bottom, this is the way to get to the ground. this is great. this has something called a counter balance ladder. it means that as you walk down to the bottom of the fire escape, there's a ladder sticking out horizontally. it will go down because there's a weight. >> it doesn't go all at once. >> so counter balance ladders are what the code currently require. but as we walk around, you will see many of them don't have
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counter balance ladders, they have drop ladders and accordians and all that. this is an excellent type of ladder. you can see from the end of counter balance ladder, there's a chain. if you follow the chain up. it goes up to a pulley and down the other side to a weight. can you see that? the big weight is the counter balance weight and the code prescribes how many force it will take to operate that counter balance. >> is there a maximum height? >> yes. there's a maximum and minimum. >> it's in the handout >> ladder xdto the ground. on page 6, 2.7. a permanent, 50 pounds.
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150 pounds 1 quarter of the way will start to swing slowly down. and no fire escapes will be less than 14 feet above the sidewalk. when any part falls away, it has to be 14 feet. >> the top ladder too, that's a straight ladder. that's for fire department use. that's not for somebody fleeing a fire. you are supposed to come down. we use these things as a second way to get up. we like this, because we can run up those things. we don't have to go in the building. the stamp pipes are on there. or a wet stand pipe. actually for us, it's a convenience.
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it's a goose neck ladder over the top. but, once again, that's for fire department use. not for civilians. we can always get a ladder up and get them off. i have done that frequently. that's something that happens frequently in the city. >> you don't need a ladder from the roof in it's less than 4 and 12. you need to have a ladder. >> once again, the fire department shouldn't be up there. we are going to walk through this and cross otis street. we will look at sand types and some of the other stuff.
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>> okay. this is, we are on otis and golf. >> this is serving 50 or more people. this is a really interesting fire escape with these curved balconies. and once again, we have the elements that we were discussing. the balconies, access. this accordion ladder. what does the fire department think about the accordian ladders? >> they got dropped out. it's retroactive. they have to bring them up to today's code. i have a story to tell. when i was in the sunset district. you see a crank on the side, yo


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